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Agus Rusli

Agus Rusli


The last five years was a research on China. I worked for a boutique design firm working on Chinese projects from outside of China; for a massive Chinese firm in South of China, a glistening metropolis that only started in 1979; and for a global western firm in North of China, a capital that dates back over 3000 years. I thus covered the full spectrum of the architecture industry in China, studying its clients, its architects, its markets, its approval process, its educational system.

The projects featured on this website are from this period. I was the Design Director of architecture for Gensler in Beijing, and Zhubo in Shenzhen, bringing with me over 20 years of experience working with several international firms, leaders in their respective fields of expertise.

The goal for me is always to bring some sense, some degree of intelligence, into the work that my teams and I do. I have been fascinated with how knowledge and raw ideas make a difference in designing the built environment. They introduce other ways of looking at things, fresh perspectives into solving problems. As I generally do large, complex buildings—the tasks made for Architecture—having an extensive knowledge and the audacity to try out different ideas is a pertinent strategy. It is a competitive edge.

Since graduating in architecture from Harvard GSD, I have nurtured a practice that combines academia with professional and business realm. My built work across building types, geographies, and firms have been widely disseminated and recognized by many awards and honors—professional awards such as the American Institute of Architects, as well as popular awards such as Business Week’s ‘Good Design is Good Business’.

I have enjoyed giving lectures, seminars, and reviews at various institutions and universities worldwide. My previous teaching appointments include the T. David Fitzgibbon Chair in architecture at Carnegie Mellon University, University of Cincinnati, University of Texas at Austin and UT Arlington.

Most of intriguing of all, perhaps, is these insights into the inner working of architecture in China as China is entering the next stage of global competitiveness. This spectrum is what these works are trying to illustrate. They are immensely valuable for those who are working in the field today and for those who are interested in contemporary culture of China.

With this knowledge I am looking forward to be able to contribute and be a part of your next challenges.


Harvard Graduate School of Design
Cambridge MA U.S.A.

University of New South Wales
Sydney, Australia

University of New South Wales
Sydney, Australia

Agus Rusli in Shenzhen Agus Rusli in Zhubo

Zhubo Shenzhen

Rusli in Beijing

Gensler Beijing